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WAV to MP3

Straightforward utility to compress your WAV audio files into smaller MP3 files
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MP3 has become the de facto standard for high-quality, small-sized audio files. Supported by most (if not all) media players, this audio codec allows you to carry on any portable device ten times more audio tracks than when using CD-quality files, i.e., WAV files. WAV to MP3 allows you to batch-convert your music collection and audio books into MP3 files that you can export to your favorite portable device with the minimum quality loss.

To transform your uncompressed WAV files into MP3 portable files, all you have to do is load all the files into the program’s main window. You can select specific files individually or point the program to a folder with audio files in it – it will automatically load into the conversion list all WAV files present in that folder, ignoring all other files in a different audio format. The output quality is easily customizable in terms of sampling frequency, number of channels (mono or stereo), and bits per second, though you can always let the program choose the fastest and most convenient conversion settings automatically. The program’s built-in Lame encoder guarantees the highest quality possible in all conversion processes.

You can leave the program working in the background for you, especially if your conversion list includes a few hundreds of files. However, the conversion process itself is extremely fast, and all the resulting MP3 files will be neatly stored in the folder of your choice without further intervention on your side. WAV to MP3 requires no further analysis – conversion tools don’t come much simpler and more straightforward than this, and the best way to check the quality of the conversion tasks it performs is to download and try it yourself. If simplicity of use and audio quality is what you’re after, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Customizable output options
  • Batch conversion
  • Supports other audio formats for the output


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